Stamp collecting has often been called the "hobby of kings and the king of hobbies."

There are as many reasons to collect stamps as there are stamp hobbyists. Many people do it to relax, some enjoy the challenge of completing a series, and others enjoy organizing the stamps in a logical way. Stamp collectors, or philatelists, come from all walks of life, and notable hobbyists include Franklin Roosevelt, John Lennon, James Earl Jones, and Maria Sharapova.

Not only does stamp collecting provide an interesting hobby and healthy diversion, but it can also be a great investment option as well. Since the value of stamps fluctuates in different cycles than stocks and bonds, a quality stamp collection can actually hedge against the risks associated with these types of financial assets.

Our passion is collecting of stamps and we offer our services and products for those who share this passion with us. We are well-known stamp dealer who is constantly seeking for possibilities to update our collection and to widen your choice.

We consider our customers as one big family and do everything to make your stamp purchases as pleasurable as possible. Service and reliability are the foundations of our success.

There are various kinds of stamps available to collectors. Stamps can be categorized by purpose such as commemorative, definitive, and special. In addition, stamps can be lick and stick or peel and stick. Specialized in Austrian and German rare stamps, we gradually expanded to other countries becoming philatelic specialists of the world.

A beginner or child can be perfect with an album of pretty pictures. An advanced collector can be enthralled with a detailed study of a single stamp. The right way to collect is the way that makes you happy.