On the separate stamp from the issue Her Royal Highness Maria Teresa is depicted. The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg made Luxembourg the country of her destiny when she married Henri, then Hereditary Grand Duke, on 14 February 1981. Visionary, modernist and active, she has developed her role as a committed humanitarian, with a desire to show the most authentic aspects of Luxembourg.

In June 1997, the Grand Duchess became a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, a pioneer of microfinance and UNICEF’s “Eminent Advocate for children”, focusing her work on children orphaned by AIDS and on child soldiers.

On the second stamp Princess Alexandra and Prince Sébastien are shown.

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, the only daughter of Their Royal Highnesses, was born on 16 February 1991. The Princess is currently studying in Paris for a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

His Royal Highness Prince Sébastien was born on 16 April 1992 as the fifth and youngest child of Their Royal Highnesses. He is currently pursuing university studies in the United States, where he recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication.