We have received an interesting info for every creative and imaginative stamp enthusiast: the organizers of Pafos2017 and the Cyprus Post have issued a calling for artists as they look to launch a new series of commemorative stamps ahead of next year when the two will be declared the European Capital of Culture.

According to the organisers, the aim of the competition is to have artists prepare sketches out of which three will be chosen to be issued as a commemorative stamp series in May 2017, as part of the celebrations for the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.

The issuing of the stamps aims at promoting the largest cultural institution of Europe through the promotion, on an international level, not only of Pafos but Cyprus as a whole, by highlighting the three thematic sections of the cultural programme of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.

The Thematic Sections – Description

Myth and Religion

This thematic section refers to the cultural heritage and historical background of Pafos, while reflecting and emphasizing the characteristics that gave birth to culture and determined the town’s development throughout history. Within the context of this thematic section, the proposed works will develop themes about beauty, divinity and mysticism, the weaving of stories and legends that surpass the boundaries of Pafos and can be traced in European culture.

World Travellers

This thematic section refers to the diachronic relations of people and expresses the interactions and mutual influences, not only through conflicts and differences but also through cooperation, exchange, fraternity and coexistence.

Stages of the Future

This thematic section refers to the present and the future. It presents the modern world with its technological innovations, its huge problems, dreams and hopes, its initiatives and its ideas for change. The common future of the two communities in Cyprus and the development of a intercultural dialogue are the key issues in this section.

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